About Us

Hoodie Analytics was founded on the belief that cannabis businesses need deeper, operational insights to better compete. Our team has decades of experience in e-commerce intelligence & market measurement in markets like Consumer Packaged Good (CPG).

With Hoodie Analytics, you get an indispensable partner tracking the movements of the market. You get access to the best people, processes, and data which deliver the critical factor towards building a winning brand. You can focus on running your business. We’ll deliver the insights needed to outgrow the pack.


To connect the cannabis industry and consumers with the most useful cannabis information to make better decisions.

We cut through the complexity of cannabis data with a common language, creating a unified community for the industry and consumers. Our data is the most complete and clean in the industry, allowing everyone to make actionable decisions. Hoodie enables dispensaries and brands to make efficient and profitable business decisions through our timely data and insights.  We also empower consumers to make faster, more informed purchases by connecting them to the right product, brand, and dispensaries.  

As Hoodie democratizes cannabis data, consumers and the industry all thrive together


Hoodie Team

Originally founded by Wes Shepherd, Kris Walker, Sean Ogar & Kelly Bernazza-Hall, our team has grown to dozens of people across the world serving some of the fastest growing companies in cannabis today.

Concentrate on Collaboration

We build community internally and externally through collaboration and connection. Our success as a company depends on our ability to work well together. We support each other, celebrate wins, and share our knowledge to help others grow.

We seek feedback and collaboration with our clients to deliver useful tools and information. Doing so allows businesses and consumers to find each other, speak the same language, and make efficient decisions.


Our data is accurate, dependable, and objective. We commit to priorities and follow through. Our clients can count on us - and we can count on each other - to deliver.

Strive for Continuous Innovation

We believe in the power of innovation. We value intelligent and curious people who think creatively and aren’t afraid of new ideas. Not every idea will succeed, but every person who focuses on continuous growth and learning will.

Our clients depend on Hoodie to lead and evolve as cannabis continues to mature. We don’t let “that’s how it’s always been done” stop us from exploring new ways to provide data, analytics, and platforms for our clients to leverage.

Live Nimble & Simple

We support simple processes and flexible ways-of-working so we can deliver both dependable service and adaptability to new market requirements.

Our clients can expect Hoodie to adjust quickly to the fast-paced cannabis market. We seek to provide simple-to-use, evolving tools that can be incorporated into daily business needs.


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