Cannabis Analytics Using Big Data with Wes Shepherd

Hoodie is the largest and most impactful platform for next day insights into leading sales metrics such as cannabis pricing, promotion, stocking status, distribution and share of shelf.

Cannabis Analytics Using Big Data with Wes Shepherd

Do you know what’s flying off the shelves at your local dispensary? Or better yet do you know what’s hot across all the dispensaries across the nation? If you’re a cultivator, manufacturer, brand manager or owner of a dispensary, think of the possible actions you could take if you had the data to make informed business decisions.  Our guest is Wes Shepherd, cofounder of Hoodie Analytics, and we talk about the possibility of having cannabis analytics using big data at your finger tips.

Hoodie Analytics for Cannabis

Wes shared the company mission of providing greater visibility to the cannabis market with data analytics. Despite explosive industry growth it’s been difficult to know what, where, and which products are growing. Hoodie Analytics has built a daily snapshot for the North American market. This data includes over 8K dispensaries with easy to read reports.

Users are provided a clear view of the distribution of product by brand, category, state, and city. The data is up to date since it’s collected by bots crawling dispensary websites.  All the data is aggregated and  stored in gigantic data warehouses. Next, the data has been cleaned up and structured.

Through inference they can report product trends for transparency to drive operational and tactical decision making on a day to day basis.

Cannabis Analytics Users

According to Wes, the primary users of their tool includes: brand sellers, field sales, dispensary owners, brand marketing and e-commerce directors, manufacturers and cultivators. Also they help brands provide a better customer experience for loyal subscribers.

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