Cannabis Data & Analytics Services

Competitive Menu Analytics

Purchase the right assortment and price products based on accurate competitive price & promo tracking.
Know where your real competition is and react to their moves.
Open system with custom alerting, downloads & shared data access.

Daily Foot Traffic Analysis

Hoodie tracks millions of anonymized cellphone signals in and out of all U.S. dispensaries.
These dispensary visits help Hoodie better project store sales and foot traffic as well as customer loyalty.
Hoodie can determine store demographics which helps you select store locations, purchase better assortment & target new customers.

Distribution Coverage Model

Hoodie's 8,000+ dispensaries lend near total tracking of every product & menu in North America.
Daily tracking of pricing and stocking leaves no gaps in intelligence when assessing what sales have likely occurred.
Frequent and exhaustive coverage powers the ability to accurately project is the key to more accurate forecasting from problematic panel data sets.